Each pay period starts Monday and ends on Sunday. Payments for the previous week are typically processed Tues-Wed. Payment breakdowns along with payments are available on Fridays. Payments for Drayage carriers are deposited weekly via ACH at no cost.

Direct Deposit can be set up by emailing a copy of a voided check or deposit slip to APDrayage@nexttrucking.com

To ensure on-time payment turn in all documents (POD's, interchanges, etc) daily to 3788 E 208th St Long Beach CA 90810. Not turning in documents and not confirming moves can result in delayed payment. 

Does NEXT Pay delay/wait time?

Yes $35hr after the first 2 hours, please note that delay time will not be paid retroactively. You must contact the dispatch office the moment you encounter  delay/wait time so that it is noted and approved.

Questions regarding payment? email APDrayage@nexttrucking.com

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