Each pay period starts Monday and ends on Sunday. Payments for the previous week are typically processed Tues-Wed. Payment breakdowns along with payments are available on Fridays. Payments for Drayage carriers are deposited weekly via ACH at no cost.

Does NEXT pay detention (delay/wait) time?

Wait time applies when driver arrives at the port and the driver sits in line prior to picking up or dropping off a container - billed in 15 minute increment after the first 2 hours. Please note that delay time will not be paid retroactively. You must contact the dispatch office the moment you encounter delay/wait time so that it is noted and approved.

Adding or updating your billing info is easy. You can do it in either the mobile app or our website by viewing adding billing information.

To qualify for Quick Pay (3-5 business days), read how to get free Quick Pay.


You can view each job's payment status and issued payments on the Payments screen of the app.

Questions regarding payment? email apdrayage@nexttrucking.com 

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