Each pay period starts Monday and ends on Sunday. Payments for the previous week are typically processed Tues-Wed. Payment breakdowns along with payments are available on Fridays. Payments for Drayage Owner Operators are distributed weekly via check and can be picked up at 3788 E. 208th St Long Beach CA 90810. 

Direct Deposit is also available at no cost. Direct Deposit can be set up by emailing a copy of a voided check or deposit slip to APDrayage@nexttrucking.com

To ensure on-time payment turn in all documents (POD's, interchanges, etc) daily to 3788 E 208th St Long Beach CA 90810. Not turning in documents and not confirming moves can result in delayed payment. 

Does NEXT Pay delay/wait time?

Yes $35hr after the first 2 hours, please note that delay time will not be paid retroactively. You must contact the dispatch office the moment you encounter  delay/wait time so that it is noted and approved.

Questions regarding payment? email APDrayage@nexttrucking.com

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