When you complete a delivery, you can submit the required Proof of Delivery directly from the NEXT app. Once you've updated your job status to Delivered, click on Upload POD to submit your Proof of Delivery.

NOTE: If this is your first time uploading a POD in the NEXT 2.0 app, you may need to give the app permission to use your camera. 

Take a photo of your POD, making sure the whole document is included.

NOTE: If you have already a photo of your POD on your phone, you can select it from your image gallery instead of using the camera.

Make sure that the photo is in-focus and not blurry. If you need to retake the photo, click Retake. If there are multiple POD pages, click Add Page to take additional photos. Once you are ready to submit your POD, click Submit


What if I'm not ready to upload my POD yet?

If you aren't able to upload your POD immediately upon delivery, you can skip this step and continue to use the app.

NOTE: Your job will not be considered complete until your POD has been received, so make sure to upload it as soon as you can.

If you chose not to upload your POD when your load was completed, you can get back to the POD upload screen directly from My Loads or the Load Details

NOTE: You will not be able to invoice for a load until you submit the POD.

After uploading your POD, you will be prompted to create and submit your invoice


View or Update a submitted POD, before the load is invoiced

If you need to view or update an uploaded POD, you can get back to the POD upload screen from the load invoice. In the app menu, click My Loads

Find the load and click Complete Invoice

In the top right corner, click Edit POD

Here you can view the POD that was uploaded. You can submit additional or updated POD photos by clicking the + above Add page and following the same steps detailed above.


View a submitted POD, after the load is invoiced

To view a POD after a load has been invoiced, click Payments in the app menu.

Find the load and click on the Invoice Summary.

Click to expand the Details for Job #

Scroll down to Proof of Delivery, click View

NOTE:  If you need to update the POD after the load invoice has been submitted, you will need to contact support through Live Chat.


Learn how to create and submit your invoice in, How do I create & submit an invoice?

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