If you're an approved carrier, you will see the Available Loads screen after logging into the NEXT app.

You can always get back the available loads by opening the menu in the top left corner of the screen, then tapping on Available Loads

If you've used NEXT in the past, you will notice that Available Loads now has a fresh new design:
              Old NEXT App                                 New NEXT App

Using the Available Loads tabs, you group loads by different categories, or view all of our available loads together. Tabs include:

  • All  (all available jobs)

  • NEXT Relay  (only show Relay loads)

  • Local  (only show loads with a total distance of less than 100 miles)

  • Short Haul  (only show loads between 100 and 500 miles)

  • Long Haul  (only show loads that are more than 500 miles)

Each available load is displayed in a Load Summary card. You can tap on these to view the details for each one.

Some loads have special Load Specifications. These loads have a banner to help you find them:

Click on a Load Summary to see the Load Details 


Load Specifications

Some loads have special traits or require non-standard service. The Load Specification icons indicate these traits:


If you would like to book this load, click Book Now


Learn how to book a load in, How do I book a load?  


Additional Tips

If you have questions about this load, click on the phone icon in the header. A menu will pop up so you can contact NEXT customer service over the phone or via our in-app chat.

If you would like to continue looking through other Available Loads, click on the Back Arrow in the top left corner.

Back in the Available Loads screen, you can also use the Filter button in the top right corner.

Here you can filter for specific loads based on the type of equipment needed. You can select one or more equipment type here. The filters will be applied in every tab on the Available Loads page.

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