Dispatchers can update drivers at any time from the Driver List section in the NEXT app or Dispatcher Web Portal.

Update a Fleet Driver using the NEXT app

To manage your Fleet from the NEXT app, click on My Drivers in the app menu.

Here you will see the list of all of your Fleet Drivers. Click on a Fleet Driver summary.

NOTE: Each Fleet Driver summary will show you how many loads the Fleet Driver has completed and how much each Driver has earned for you on NEXT loads since they were added to your Fleet.

Here you can view/update the Fleet Driver’s info.

The payout price of each load is hidden from your Fleet Drivers as a default setting. To change this setting so the Fleet Driver can see the payout price for their loads, click Edit here at the bottom of the Driver detail.

Select Show the price to driver and then click Save

NOTE: When the Fleet Driver logs into the NEXT app, they will be able to see the payout price for all NEXT loads they are assigned to.


Update a Fleet Driver using the Dispatcher web portal

To update a driver in your fleet, go to Drivers in the portal navigation menu and find the driver you want to update.

To view the driver's location on a map, click View on Map. Click on the driver's truck icon to display their details.

To edit the driver's information, click Edit. Make the necessary edits and click Save

If you need to change your driver's password, click Change Password. Enter the new password and click Change

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