Dispatchers can add drivers at any time from the Driver List section in the NEXT app or Dispatcher Web Portal.

Add a new Fleet Driver using the NEXT app

To add a new driver to your fleet, go to My Drivers in the app menu, then click Add a Driver

Enter the new Fleet Driver’s email address and create a password. Click Continue

Select the Equipment Type for the new Fleet Driver. Click Continue

NEXT supports the following equipment types and sizes:

  • Dry Van - 53’ or 48’

  • Reefer - 53’ or 48’

  • Flatbed - 53’ or 48’

  • Power Only - 2 Axle or 3 Axle

  • Box Truck - 24’, 26’, or 28’

Select the Equipment Size for the Fleet Driver’s equipment. Click Continue

Enter the new Fleet Driver’s first name, last name, and cell phone number. Click Send Invite

NOTE: Your new Fleet Driver will receive a Text Message invitation. The invitation will include their email address (username), password, and a link to download the NEXT app. Follow up with your new Fleet Driver to get them to log in start moving loads!


The new Fleet Driver will now show on your My Drivers list.


Learn how to assign a Fleet Driver in, How do I assign a load to my fleet driver?


Add a new Fleet Driver using the Dispatcher web portal

To add a new driver to your fleet, go to Drivers in the portal navigation menu, then click Add a new Driver


Enter the new driver's first & last name, cell phone number, email address, create a password, and select the equipment type. If the driver will be entering a Port Terminal, select the TWIC card and add the expiration date. Once completed, click Save

NOTE: "Hide price" is selected by default. With this setting, your Driver will not be able to see the payout amount for their loads. If you want the Driver to see the payout amount, uncheck this box.


The new Driver will be added to your fleet.

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