Step 1: Add your Carrier info

To get back to your application and add your Carrier Application information, open the app menu and click My Application. Add your Carrier Packet info by clicking Add carrier info 

The US Docket # type defaults to MC. If you need to select FF, MX, or CA instead, click on the MC in the US Docket # field.

Enter your US Docket # and Company Name, then click Continue

Would you rather use a DOT?

You can choose to add your DOT info by clicking on Rather use a DOT under the Submit Application button. Enter your DOT # and Company Name, then click Continue


Entering your equipment information

NEXT supports the following equipment types and sizes:

  • Dry Van - 53’ or 48’

  • Reefer - 53’ or 48’

  • Flatbed - 53’ or 48’

  • Power Only - 2 Axle or 3 Axle

  • Box Truck - 24’, 26’, or 28’

Select your equipment type, then click Continue

Select your equipment’s length, then click Submit Application

That’s it! Your Carrier Packet information is submitted!

The review process usually takes about 24 hours.


Step 2: Browse available loads while your application is being reviewed.

While your application is being reviewed, you can start browsing the NEXT marketplace by clicking Go to Available Loads

Scroll through Available Loads and click on load that looks interesting to you.

After clicking on a load, you can review all of the load details.

NOTE: You will not be able to book a load while your application is being reviewed.


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